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BEGINNER - A longboard is your best choice. It provides the stability and easy paddling you need to get up and riding consistently in smaller surf. Wider boards are more stable. Thicker boards are more buoyant. It is this combination, along with the length of the board, that characterizes the typical beginner longboard. Look for boards that are 9'0”-9'6”, around 18”-20” wide and 2.5”-3” thick. If you're a lighter, smaller-framed surfer you can drop down to around 8'0”-8'6” as long as it's got the thickness to keep you up. Board width is also important not only for stability, but for paddling and carrying your board. If you can't comfortably carry it under your arm, consider getting something less wide. Browse through our selection of longboards. The boards you see online are the actual boards in our shop, so shoot us an email us to talk about your choice.

INTERMEDIATE- When you're ready to start turning and carving, a mid-sized board is a good choice. Whether your goal is to gradually step-up to a shortboard and adopt a hot-dog style or to enjoy smooth and mellow turns in your wave rides, these boards will get you there. You'll find several types to choose from ... fishes, eggs, mini-tankers and fun boards. These boards act like a longboard - good stability and easy paddling - but perform more like a shortboard. At this point in your surfing you'll probably be surfing in slightly bigger waves at more active spots. Having a shorter board lets you maneuver faster to get into the right position in the line-up and is a lot easier to turn around and paddle for a wave. Intermediate boards with the right design features can be ridden in small, sloppy waves or larger more powerful waves. It's important to understand how each feature affects the board's performance. These choices can make a big difference in how you progress as a surfer. Browse through our selection of longboards, fishes, eggs and bullits and feel free to email us to talk about your choice. Be sure to tell us what type of surf you prefer, where you surf, what you're looking to achieve with your surfing, your style of surfing and your physical features (height and weight) so we can point you to the right board.

EXPERIENCED- Here's where board features become more critical. Subtle differences in a board's features influence the ride to a much greater degree. Choice of fins, depth of channels and amount of rocker are just a few factors that go into creating the perfect board. The possibilities are endless. That's why most advanced surfers have built a quiver of boards that let them choose the board that's right for the day's conditions. Not every surfer out there can afford to build a dream quiver. That's why it's important to make the best choices about the board you buy. Our shop staff and team of shapers are available to advise you on making the right choices to ensure you get the best ride of your life every time you paddle out. Give them a call (808-621-5000) or shoot them an email ( to start talking about your next magic board!